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Front-running as a Service (FaaS) or MEV Auctions (MEVA)

MEVA and FaaS solutions.
In a FaaS or MEVA system, MEV is extracted in a variety of ways such as miners auctioning off the right to front-run users.
'Centralizing MEV extraction is good because it quarantines a revenue stream that could otherwise drive centralization in other sectors.'
Vitalik Buterin 🔗
'In this article, I’m going to go deep into my personal arguments for why extracting MEV in cryptocurrencies isn’t like theft, why it is a critical metric for network security in any distributed system secured by economic incentives (yes, including centralized ones), and what we should do about MEV in the next 3-5 years as a community.'
Phil Daian, co-author of Flash Boys 2.0 🔗

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